The investments that made South Africans the most money in the last 80 years

Old Mutual has released its Long-term perspectives report for 2017, detailing which asset class – between local shares, international shares, bonds, gold, cash and property – has seen the greatest return of investment over the last 87 years.


CG Debt Downgrade

The ratings agency, S&P, has downgraded South Africa’s foreign currency debt rating by a single notch to non-investment grade.


Proposed Changes to the Tax Laws

The Taxation Laws Amendment Bill was recently published. The Bill addresses the following two important aspects relating to deductions on contributions and the exemptions on retirement benefits for persons working abroad.


Withdrawals from retirement annuity funds due to emigration

The Income Tax Act was changed to allow individuals to withdraw their full value in cash, before attaining the retirement age of age 55, from a retirement annuity fund when they emigrate or when they leave South Africa due to an expired work visa.


Multilect’s new site brings you added benefits

With our clients’ needs top-of-mind, Multilect is proud to introduce our new website which brings you all the links and contents you had before but now in a more accessible way.