Can you fine tune your retirement savings?

Do you require a boutique retirement vehicle for your bespoke asset management business?

Our administration model – with its open investment architecture – shape-shifts to cater for your investment strategy

Multilect’s open investment architecture offers bespoke asset managers, independent financial planners and private investors customisable options for retirement investing.

We provide the administrative playground – you decide on the play.

Key Features

Reap the long term rewards of Clear and Transparent reporting and Administration.

Open Investment Architecture:

Participate at a much greater level in structuring and customizing your assets to meet tailored retirement objectives.

Utmost Asset Protection:

The first of the Multilect suite of Funds was registered in 1992. An independent Board of Trustees manages the Funds, meeting the requirement of utmost asset protection. As added protection, our funds are reviewed on a three-year basis by an actuary.

Personal Share Portfolios:

One of the first financial services company to offer this service in South Africa, we deeply understand the intricacies of a personal share portfolio and how it fits into a your personalized retirement plan.

Personalized Approach:

We are not a call-centre business, like a private bank we know each of our clients well. Personalised service is our trademark

Competitive Pricing Structure

A competitive pricing structure with keenly priced administration costs with no entry or exit fees.

Our Funds

Your retirement objectives can be met via membership of an umbrella provident fund, preservation provident/pension fund, retirement annuity or living annuity. Tracking your retirement objectives is done easily via a specially designed system that provides a full transaction history and calculates the performance of your money invested towards your retirement.