Distribution Of Death Benefit

The proceeds of benefits arising from the pre-retirement death of a pension, provident, preservation or retirement annuity fund in respect of a member is governed by section 37C of the Pension Funds Act.


How to choose the best place for your retirement

Have you ever visited an area and boldly stated that this is where you’d like to retire one day? You wouldn’t be alone. Most of us have a dream of living in some idyllic spot close to the sea or in the mountains, but as we get older the decision to uproot and move to some far-flung destination can have major consequences.


Income in retirement: The value of equities

A major challenge for many investors, and their advisors, is generating an income in retirement. Having saved for all of your working life, how do you ensure that your capital provides you with the income you need to live off for as long as you need it?


UCITS Fund managed solely by Artificial Intelligence

Sanlam announces the first ever Balanced UCITS Fund managed solely by Artificial Intelligence.


May Index returns

May was once again a month dominated by political turmoil in local markets. However, continued inflows into Emerging Markets have provided some support. 


SA Academics pioneer new method for financial markets

Two South African academics are making waves internationally for pioneering a new numerical method that could help ensure greater efficiency and accuracy when pricing financial instruments in markets worldwide.


The investments that made South Africans the most money in the last 80 years

Old Mutual has released its Long-term perspectives report for 2017, detailing which asset class – between local shares, international shares, bonds, gold, cash and property – has seen the greatest return of investment over the last 87 years.


CG Debt Downgrade

The ratings agency, S&P, has downgraded South Africa’s foreign currency debt rating by a single notch to non-investment grade.