History of the JSE 1900-2018

View the history of the JSE from 1900 to 2018.


Multilect – October 2018 Newsletter

Learn more about the subtleties of benefits on death: the nuances that separate an “expression of wish” from a “beneficiary nomination”; what differentiates dependants from nominees, and why it's important to regularly review your beneficiary nominations.


Multilect - July 2018 Newsletter

Find out how Regulation 28 of the Pension Funds Act limits how much members can invest in more risky asset classes such as equities, property and foreign assets. If you’re planning to emigrate, see what the Tax Laws Amendment Bill says about your preservation fund, and find out about a long-term care policy that offers peace of mind.


History of the JSE 1900-2015

View the history of the JSE from 1900 to 2015.


Multilect - March 2018 Newsletter

2018 – A good budget for retirement-fund members. Indeed!

When reflecting on the recent Budget, we're all aware of the additional taxes that will be required from each of us. However, this is a good time to have a look at one investment that has escaped the tightening noose around our purses… Yes, retirement funds!


Multilect - January 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to 2018 and to the first of our quarterly newsletters. We hope you will find them informative.

An apt New Year’s message was doing the rounds on social media at the end of last year. It showed a clock labeled “2017”, with the hours replaced by the negative terms: stress, anxiety, disappointment, diseases, corruption, hate, setbacks, failures, regrets, chaos and darkness.

As the minute ticked through each “hour” of the clock, however, they were replaced by new words for 2018: bright, healthy, successful, prosperous, peaceful, exciting, loving, calm, positive, beautiful and hopeful.